That’s it I’m begging the powers that be please fucking end it. Fucking please…

Everything has been getting worse. 

This is my therapy, singing the praises of razor wire. Embrace the sweet sound of self destruction. 
I give up

I wish all thoes near misses were hits
I am not thankful for any of it
I’m sick of beig told if I take this pill or that pill I’ll be happy
You are full of shit
I’m sick being ignored
I’m sick of feeling like shit for the reasons I feel like shit
I never asked for life so why is any thing expected from me
If I had the choise this would not of been it
If there was an abort botton id press that fucker till it broke
I wish there was not people who that would ruin
I hate all this.
I am no amor fati
Id slay that deamon for my own death
Death is the gradest adventure and I seek it whole hartedly.




i want someone to love me as much as i hate myself

Now that’s deep


not sure if i need sex, sleep, or to punch someone in the face

Oh yeah my step dad turned off my phone for no reason, and to stop my self from blowing up I’m just going to not say any thing right now.

I miss being loved, but on the other hand I can disappear into the hills to read all day and no one is going to know.